Murnatan MurnatanMurnatan: Recently opened tasks 2018-05-06T12:16:59Z FS#42: Wrong mouse position transformation in server menu 2018-04-24T20:08:46Z 2018-04-20T20:48:28Z

It looks like there is wrong mouse transformation in server menu in higher resolution (more then 1080p).

I'm using 1440p resolution, and it looks like the mouse position is transform to 1080p in server menu, and then transofrm to 1440p.

For example: if mouse is in 2560, 1440 point in game is on the 1920, 1080. I tested it in lower resolution, and its same, but in different way. Mouse in 800, 600 possition is in 2560, 1440 in game,

If you like, i can send you a movie of this. It seems that the problem only occurs only on servers grid.



FS#41: Multiple Overminds and Reactors can be built 2018-05-06T12:16:59Z 2018-04-08T19:10:07Z

To Reproduce:  Deconstruct Overmind/Reactor, build overmind/reactor, build more overminds/reactors till first is done building.  Game only stops you from building RC/OM when one is built, not when one is buidling

Sam Toma
FS#40: Serverwide crash 2018-05-06T12:16:43Z 2018-04-08T12:10:00Z


FS#39: Unlimited FPS is actually limited to 62fps 2018-04-08T03:48:46Z 2018-04-08T03:48:46Z

Unlimited FPS is actually limited to 62fps, so selecting the 144fps limit actually makes it go higher.

FS#38: Game desyncs the shooting state 2018-04-08T01:53:26Z 2018-04-08T01:53:26Z

Sometimes, especially if the server is crowded/a bit overloaded, if you hold the "shoot" mouse button, the bullets animation will keep playing, but you wont shoot any actual bullets. This keeps on forever, or until you release the mouse button and press it again.


(pay attention to the amount of bullets left)

When it happens with the rapid gun, the result is a bit different:

FS#37: Turrets work when Repeater is only BEING built 2018-04-08T10:51:57Z 2018-04-05T12:28:35Z

If the repeater is destroyed, the turrets appear to be unable to shoot. However the moment repeater is being built, turrets start functioning properly.

FS#36: A granger can attack the hovel it lives in 2018-04-06T22:58:21Z 2018-04-05T06:15:44Z

This allows the granger to access some unintended areas outside the map ;)

Sam Toma
FS#35: Forward bases for humans are super glitchy 2018-04-10T08:47:04Z 2018-04-05T06:14:21Z

Everything appears to be unpowered when you build a repeater, however you can place down buildings while they are indicated red that you can't if you are within the power.  All buildings have the unpowered symbol but function.  The armory acts weird where you have to move back and to use it.

Sam Toma
FS#34: Players cannot get on top of each other 2018-04-05T17:31:14Z 2018-04-05T02:22:50Z

Not sure if this intended behavior or not but hopefully not.  Anytime any player gets on top of another player some weird physics kicks in and completely rejects the player off.

To Reproduce: 



Sam Toma
FS#33: Aliens can build alien structures while over mind is being built 2018-04-08T10:51:32Z 2018-04-05T02:03:32Z

To Reproduce: Have 1 person deconstruct the overmind, then build a new overmind.  Notice that a second person can contruct structures while the overmind is still building.

Sam Toma